Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Some good articles in .Net for .net programmer

I have just read/surf few articles with some source code. I found it somewhat interesting and helpful to common .Net developer.

These articles I have composed in messages which I have posted on AhmedabadUserGroup.

Composition of those articles,

1- How to online validate e-mail id

This link have a solution with source code for 3 type of mail verification and validation
1. Mail syntax checking
2. Validating via SMTP Network Connection
3. Validating via SMTP Handshakes

Link: http://www.codeproject.com/aspnet/Valid_Email_Addresses.asp
I think it will solve your all problem regarding mail validation/verification by all means
2- Common 10 Datagrid-mistakes

A good link on common datagrid mistakes on MSDN

Scenarios covered by this article are,
1. Creating Tabular Data by Not Using the Datagrid When You Could Be

2. Forgetting to Check for IsPostBack in the Page_Load Event

3. Sticking with Auto-Generated Columns When Your Circumstances Require More Flexibility

4. Trying to Refer to a Control Inside a Datagrid Item by its ID Alone

5. Not Using Paging when You Could (or Should!)

6. Forgetting to Perform a .DataBind() Call on each Datagrid Event that Causes a Postback

7. Dynamically Creating Datagrid Controls or Columns within a Datagrid at Runtime when it isn't Necessary

8. Enduring an Over-sized ViewState

9. When Using the ItemDataBound or ItemCreated Events, Forgetting to Check for the Appropriate ListItemType

10. Overusing the Datagrid, when You Need More Control Over the Resulting HTML, a Repeater may be a Better Choice

Visit this link for more detailed explanation and code snippets

3- State Management in ASP.NET
Very good article on State management in ASP.NET,

Topic covered by this article:
1. Introduction to State management
2. Page Level State - ViewState
3. Session Level State
4. State management using SQLServer
5. Coockies
6. Session State Server
7. Application Level State
8. Caching

These topics are well covered by the link: http://www.dotnetjohn.com/articles.aspx?articleid=32

Other good link with Source Code is: http://www.asp.net/Tutorials/quickstart.aspx
that covers Application State, Session State, Client side Coockies, ViewState management with sample source code
4- ViewState

Very good article on ViewState,

Topic covered:
1. Introduction to ViewState
2. Postback and non postback controls
3. What can you store in ViewState
4. Protecting ViewState
5. Encrypting ViewState
6. ViewState and Perfomance
7. Session State or ViewState?

All topics are explained with enough description...
Link: http://www.dotnetjohn.com/articles/articleid71.aspx

Mahesh Devjibhai Dhola
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